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It is expected that 2010 would exceed US billion.

In mid-2010 there were more than 1.8 million Sri Lankan expatriate workers.

Today, it is ‘Gnana’ a retired hospital attendant who identifies herself using the name Read more -AHRC statement regarding threaten of the Bar Association against Ranjan Ramanayake (Lanka-e-News - 25.

Aug.2017, 2.00PM) A Press Release issued by the Bar Association of Sri Lanka has threatened contempt of Court action being taken against a deputy minister who has made some serious criticisms against the Courts and the legal profession Read more (Lanka-e-News - 24.

According to the 2001 census, there are 62,000 Canadians who claim Sri Lankan ancestry, but only 10,000 claimed to be of Sinhalese ancestry.

The number may not be an actual representation because many Tamil Canadians from Sri Lanka classify themselves as Tamil rather than Sri Lankan.

Violent crime occurs, including harassment and assault cases aimed at Western foreigners.

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Reports of increased criminal activities and land disputes are more frequent Some Canadians of Tamil origin report encountering difficulties, including arrest or detention, during screening and security operations.The Sri Lankan diaspora are Sri Lankan emigrants from Sri Lanka, and their descendants, that reside in a foreign country.They number a total estimated population of around 3 Million. Aug.2017, 5.30PM) IGP Poojitha Jayasundara who threatened and assaulted the lift operator within the police headquarters , which was exposed by Lanka e news supported by a video footage is a very grave offence according to a former Read more (Lanka-e-News -26.Aug.2017, 2.40PM) In the past, the astrologer by the name of Sumanadasa of the corrupt nefarious decade rulers led the latter down the garden path.Aug.2017, 11.45AM) ‘I am becoming the president not to trim the presidential powers but to completely abolish the executive presidential powers within 100 days .


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