Dating in okinawa

The OSL (optically stimulated luminescence) method was applied to two sediment cores taken by an acrylic corer from the seafloor in the Okinawa Trough.

The ages, obtained by the polymineral fine grain method, did not correlate with the stratigraphic sequence within the core, implying either insufficient bleaching of the sediments at the time of the deposition or mixing of sediments of different ages.

People used to ring a warning bell whenever a soldier was nearby. We need another definition of security.” For me, security is very different from military security. Gwyn Kirk is a founding member of the International Women’s Network Against Militarism.

In estimating the ages of sea floor hydrothermal deposits, the age of the sediments overlying it would give the youngest limit if the sedimentation age is correct.

on December 11, at Tamagusuku in Nanjo, human bones which appear to have been buried in Sakitari Cave were found.It is part of an agreement to move 9,000 Marines off Okinawa, including transferring 5,000 to Guam.The original agreement to close the Futenma base was signed in 1996, but it has been delayed repeatedly.What’s less encouraging, though, is that the current discussion is too narrowly focused on US military women. I wonder if this is possible given the military’s mission. This means seeing “others” as foreign or less-than-human, even those from allied nations like Japan.It’s high time Congress also heard about military sexual violence from women who live alongside overseas bases, or in Iraq and Afghanistan. Gender and masculinity are at play here, so too are racism and national chauvinism.Over the past 20 years a few egregious cases have hit the headlines: a 12 year-old-Okinawan girl, a Korean bar woman (Yoon Goom Ee), and a Philippine woman identified as “Nicole.” But many more incidents get little or no public attention, especially in war zones. Over 20 percent of Okinawan land is occupied by 38 US military facilities (bases, training areas, and storage depots) with more under construction, despite persistent local opposition. Okinawan women have said, “If they do this to their own colleagues no wonder they do it to us.” Okinawan women call for apologies by US military authorities to victims of sexual assault, punishment for perpetrators under Japanese laws, and ultimately the end of the US occupation of Okinawa.


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