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The stigma of meeting your soulmate through a website is dwindling by the day, experts say, especially for millennials and Generation Z.Some of us wake up everyday to do something that we love -- something that we feel like we were born to do.Your eyes light up when you see beautiful typography.Welcome to a world of danger and suspense in Murder Island: Secret of Tantalus, a thrilling Hidden Object Adventure game!Pew Research Center reports that while few users were online dating in 2005, 15% of all Americans have used online dating sites or apps at some point as of 2015. Pew also recently reported that the share of 18-to-24-year-olds who use these platforms has nearly tripled from 10% in 2013 to 27% today.

He’s not only an expert mobile and dating marketer, but he’s a big supporter of keeping correct posture while working.

As a result of this, you understand people -- or at least you're trying to.

You are open-minded and believe that everyone is different and is driven by different things.

As a guy who works from home and sits nearly the entire day, his suggestions are targeted directly to someone like me.

One such suggestion recently was the “Roost Stand.” You see, the problem with my posture is that I work on a laptop.


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