Naruto dating sim sex

Control Naruto’s monster by slow down the pumping action. Rotate it counter clock wise to speed up the fucking action and gain pleasure!Ever feel that you and your partner need a little help with kissing?Or, do you have no one to kiss and want to play a simulation about kissing? Aptly named , this is a two-player co-op game about kissing. The game is nothing but two giant faces kissing so, if you need that mood setter, check out Jimmy Andrews and Loren Schmidt’s website,, to play this little quirky game!It’s a subversion of dating sims that is not just the best dating sim I’ve ever played but also one of the best games of the year.At first glance, the game's romantic roster looks like a who’s who of sexy stereotypes: the bad boy, the jock, the sensitive artist, the clean-cut hunk.

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There are crazy Naruto cosplayers throwing shuriken and random car accidents; anything can happen, and it’s all up to you to try to stop those things from killing your date!

Give them the 0 item during the date, and make sure you kiss at the end. Afterwards, just make sure you raise his exp to 4000 and he has full heart counters. (All Naruto-related material in the US is now copyrighted by the series' new owner, Toonami on Cartoon Network.) I was pretty turned off by the bad animation.

After he levels, visit his room and select "other". I was influenced by my g/f and all of the other Sasuke/Sakura fangirls out there.

Regardless, there are all sorts of games you can play to pass the time and share the passion with the one you love.

Do note that games don’t have to show anything explicit to is a really funny game that tackles how chaotic dating can be.


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