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For book updates between now and publication follow @faithnomore20 and The music world is still stunned with shock and sadness at the passing of Soundgarden and Audioslave and all-round rock god and rock legend Chris Cornell.

Faith No More and Soundgarden followed parallel and often criss-crossing paths from the Seattle band’s earliest shows – sometimes literally sharing a stage – right up until 2014 in Hyde Park.

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    I prayed to live through the day, through the night, through another week until I could make it to the day when I got my life back. Looking back, I watch the process: the slow stripping of confidence, the way my abuser etched away at the strong personality I was unaware anyone could touch, piece by piece, combined with my own desperate attempt to rid my body of any semblance of feeling, all burying I’m not sure, really, where the weight of the destruction lies for each individual victim. Shame; that shut me up, that kept me smiling just the way I had always smiled, and forbid me from ever trusting myself again.