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Standing behind the counter, ready to offer more information on any of these events, is Marlene Gorman, a cheery woman clad in purple beach thongs and dangling earrings. Gorman, jovially pointing to the wide-brimmed, feather-bedecked straw hat sitting nearby. Gorman is on the board of Solair, Connecticut's only nudist resort, in rural North Woodstock in the state's northeastern corner.''We were founded in 1932 by a group of people who bought this land for a song,'' said Richard Ross, the resort's manager. Ross said that, like those who founded Solair, he enjoys nudism ''as a life style.'' ''It's a spiritual awakening,'' he said. Clothing symbolizes restriction and the whole restrictiveness of society.I discreetly turned my fanny pack to a front pack where it stayed for the rest of the conversation.” The crackdown comes less than a week after this newspaper featured a story on the nudist resort’s water woes.The state recently listed it as one of five community water districts in California that have resorted to trucking in H20.

"I think it's great that all these people are coming out for the eclipse — an event we'll never see again." Photo by J. Forbes, [email protected] Monday’s eclipse, Chief Photographer J. — likely the only such place in the path of totality.While their wells are running dry, the lodge has mandated paper plates, shortened showers, shipped off laundry and curtailed toilet flushing.And last month, workers strung a three-quarter inch rubber hose more than a half mile past the lodge property, along a dirt road and the mostly dry Hendry’s Creek to the waterfall on Midpeninsula property.LOS GATOS — Rangers from an open space district in the wooded hills above Los Gatos descended upon a neighboring nudist camp Thursday, accused its residents of stealing water and ripped out an upstream water line that has helped keep the resort open during California’s drought.In a civil but testy confrontation highlighting the growing tensions brought on by the state’s water woes, sheriff’s deputies arrived to keep the peace between the residents of Lupin Lodge, who are “all about body acceptance and treating each other with mutual respect,” and the khaki-clad officials from the Midpeninsula Open Space District.The owners of Lupin Lodge, Glyn and Lori Kay Stout, insisted Thursday their rights to the waterfall are grandfathered in.


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