Second date online dating validating with regular expressions

If I were changing my behavior to secure a call back for a second date, would that have made the experience of the first date less authentic?

Or was there no hope of authenticity because I wasn’t really looking for a connection as much as I was longing for a husband?

My only real exception to this rule is for online dating; a low-investment date like coffee is more about a gut check than an actual You’re checking how you feel about one another when you meet in the flesh…

not to mention doing basic due diligence, trying to make sure that one or the other isn’t a psycho axe-murdering cannibal.

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This will confirm to your date that you’re enjoying yourself and that you’re interested in them.

Fortunately, it’s all pretty simple, as long as you keep your head.

Pros: The benefit of asking for a second date at the end of your first date is that you can gauge if it went well.

It also shows your date that you are keen and takes the pressure off them if they were planning to ask you out again.

When I surveyed people on social media to find out reasons why men and women don’t follow up for a second date, a friend of mine responded and said, “I thought you were asking for reasons why someone didn’t call me for a second date!

”The very idea of it is marketed to the world over from the moment we leave the womb, and those who don’t have it feel that they are somehow scared with some terrible affliction that has rendered us unlovable.


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