Updating a rock fireplace

General Service & Maintenance is recommended for gas burning inserts and fireplaces once every 1-2 years, depending on how often the fireplace is used.

When servicing your fireplace, our qualified service technicians will perform specified tasks listed under the "Fireplace General Service and Maintenance" section.

Paint is an inexpensive way to brighten your gray stone fireplace.

Using the product was really easy, I have never tried doing anything like this before and it has turned out great.

Please note, if you have a solid fuel fire, Fireplace Stone Coating is only suitable for the surround. Stipple the surface while still wet using a stippling brush or a small paste brush to give a uniformed mottled appearance.

Apply onto wood & wood finished surrounds, MDF, plaster, brickwork, existing stone, concrete, tiles, marble and most new or old fireplaces. Continue stippling periodically until your desired effect is achieved.

A fireplace should be a decor focal point, but an outdated gray stone fireplace can drag down the look of the entire room.

Refreshing your drab fireplace brings new life into the space.


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