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Nothign a little double sided tape can't remedy: I also had the problem that the screws provided with the hardware weren't long enough to go through the thick cabinet doors, so I had two options.

1) Buy longer screws or 2) countersink the screw heads. I didn't have a countersink drill bit, so I drilled a shallow hole slightly wider than the screw head with a large bit and then went back and drilled a second smaller hole all the way through the door.

After all the sanding was done and cleaned up, we gave the cabinets a fresh coat of Valspar paint in Bistro White Semi Gloss.

We went with a Latex paint because that’s what they recommended at Lowe’s for painting cabinets.

Okay, so the reason that is the first thing in bold red text, is because I know I am going to get comments “Why don't you just paint your cabinets?

” BUT our Realtor advised us not to paint because we decided to rent our home and not sell it.

We started this update by taking all the doors off and clearing out the cabinets.

AND we only had 4 weeks to finish our entire house, there technically wasn't time anyway.Home cabinetry is one of the most expensive components of your home.Whether you are choosing kitchen or bathroom cabinets, bringing life into old cabinets will save money and give your home a face lift.Finish Your Wood The first thing that we did was stain the new wood to match the existing color of the cabinets.For the past three and half years, Cory and I have loathed our cabinets.Update Cabinets offers the latest in 3D drawings and materials that today’s customer expects when shopping for their new cabinetry project.


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