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Once a hacker controls the device, the device's owner is the next target.

So everything on your computer - pictures, documents, contact lists - are at the hacker's mercy. With the RAT downloaded, the hacker can do whatever they want with your computer - take pictures with the webcam, record conversations, even send emails - in your name - from your computer. Perhaps even harder to believe is that ratters post these videos on You Tube and make money on them. After a ratter took control of her computer, she was completely unaware that someone was watching her every move in her home for months. In their newest investigation, the Digital Citizens Alliance (DCA) found ratters mocking and belittling their victims on You Tube.

In December 2009, street artist Christopher Drew found himself in a similar situation in Chicago.

Drew was arrested while selling art on the streets of Chicago as a test of the cities anti-peddler law.

This includes homes, shops, sport and performance venues, museums and galleries, schools and similar places.

These places can make rules that ban people from photographing or recording any part of the space or the people within it (unless they can be seen from a public space).

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A plain-clothes police officer stopped him, jumped out of his car waving a gun and screaming, and issued a ticket.

The first: You can’t record video in any location where a person would expect to have a high degree of privacy.

Those places should be pretty obvious, as noted earlier—bedrooms and bathrooms are clear examples, as is a changing room if you have a pool.

From tweens to teens to even young adults and seniors --- anyone with an active webcam is ripe for the picking if a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) takes over their computer.

They could soon become slaves for sale for one to five dollars.


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